Airo Glass iPhone screen protector for iPhone X/XS/XR/XS Max device sizes


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Why Airo Glass?

We were frustrated with broken screens and unprotective screen protectors that would chip, crack, smudge, so we traveled around the world to find the best factories and spent years developing something better. Airo Glass is the best iPhone screen protector ever made, and we back it up with our Ironclad Guarantee.

Now available for iPhone X/XS, XR, and XS Max device sizes, Airo Glass is like the performance supercar of iPhone screen protection.

Features and Specs

  • Super scratch resistant face
  • Superhydrophobic and oleophobic surface to prevent fingerprint buildup
  • Amazing hand feel & touch responsiveness
  • Ultra high clarity glass for max visibility
  • Full coverage design keeps even the outer edges of your phone's face protected
  • Nearly invisible to the eye when installed
  • Layering for high impact absorption
  • 500%+ time tempering than typical tempered glass protectors
  • Avoid spending $270+ and wasted hours of your life on a broken iPhone screen replacement

In the Box

  • Airo Glass precision cut to your device size
  • Applicator placement tool
  • Alcohol cleaning wipe
  • Microfiber towelette
  • Dust stickers for static electricity

Ironclad Guarantee

The world's best screen protector now comes with the absolute best warranty. If your Airo Glass breaks during the lifetime of your device, just send us a photo and pay $5 for shipping and handling, and we'll get you a new one ASAP. It's truly that simple!  

While other screen protector companies offer "free" replacement guarantees, they can end up costing even more than your original order with shipping, handling, and sometimes even the full cost of a new replacement. We set out to change that with our $5 Ironclad Guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Airo Glass different from other screen protectors?

Better engineering and better materials - Airo Glass comes from some of the best glass factories in the world and goes through treatment processes that sound like they're straight out of a sci-fi movie (ionic exchange, exponentially more tempering time, glass layering etc). Glass is better than plastic when it comes to smudging, clarity, and scratches, and our glass is the best due to the technology inside.

Will Airo Glass work with my phone case?

Airo Glass is designed to be case-friendly, and we tested tons of cases for fit. It will not work with waterproof-style phone cases that envelope the device entirely like the OtterBox Defender series or LifeProof cases, but the vast majority of standard and minimalist phone cases will be a perfect fit.

For comparison with the open face area of your phone case, these are the Airo Glass measurements by iPhone model:

  • iPhone XR - 69.5 mm wide x 144.3 mm tall.
  • iPhone X/XS - 66.4 mm wide x 139 mm tall.
  • iPhone XS Max - 72.2 mm wide x 152.1 mm tall.

How scratch resistant is Airo Glass?

Airo Glass is rated at 9H hardness, which means it is very scratch resistant and near the top of the hardness scale. This matters not just for visible scratches that distort your screen, but for invisible micro-scratches too that wear down the durability of the screen protector over time.

Will Airo Glass smudge?

Airo Glass actively repels liquid, oil, and residue that can interfere with the clarity and visibility of your screen. It is treated at the molecular level to be superhydrophobic and oloeophobic, and therefore is fingerprint resistant, residue resistant, and water spot resistant unlike other screen protectors.

I don't have an iPhone, do you have Airo Glass available for my smartphone screen? What about my tablet or Apple Watch?

We hope to offer glass for Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well as a plethora of tablet screens and Apple Watch devices. Join the newsletter list below and follow us on social media to be in the know when they're ready for release!

What is your return policy? 

We make it easy! Customers in the 50 United States have 30 days to return their Airo Glass order for a refund minus the cost of shipping the order back. To be eligible for a return, orders must be unopened, unused, and in the original packaging. We are not yet able to offer returns to international customers outside the United States, but we hope to be able to do so in the future.

How does the Ironclad Guarantee work?

We are proud to offer a guarantee on each piece of Airo Glass for the lifetime of your iPhone! If it breaks during normal use, send us a photo and your order number, pay $5 for shipping and handling, and we'll get you a new one right away. NOTE: Airo Collective does not guarantee the screen of your iPhone, or that Airo Glass can handle any beating you could possibly it through. If your iPhone screen breaks, contact Apple, your mobile service provider, or mobile insurance provider. :)

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